Alexa Show controller

I know you guys are working on an Amazon Echo voice based interface so I figured I would add a suggestion. The new Echo Show is impressive and adds screen functionality that could give users a visual into their Sonos whole home system that would surpass the latest Apple offering. I strongly suggest that your development team look into an Echo Show based controller also. The new Amazon device like Sonos is a game changer. Keep up the great work!

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I could not agree more! I have a couple Sonos 5's (incredible sound, I have them linked in stereo) as well as a Playbar and Sub as part of my entertainment room... I would LOVE to have my Echo Show linked to them!!
Yes, I agree. The Sonos sound experience is amazing, but it really needs a good controller that can sit in the room and let everyone access it. Echo Show looks as though it would be an amazing interface for Sonos.


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