5.2 = Another disappointment?

  • 4 December 2014
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Got really excited when I saw support for multiple..... thinking it would be music libraries. But no, the system still can't handle multiple users / music libraries, and STILL doesn't search Contributing Artists (unlike Andronos on Android and SonoPad / Sonophone on iPad and iPhone.

C'mob Sonos, get it sorted. Really and truthfully, how hard can it be?

Do the missing features bother you?

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6 replies

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Sonos obviously read these posts but I've never seen any acknowledgement even of why you can't search for an artist and return results that are on compilation albums when your library is sorted by compilations. It is illogical. The search basically lies to you and says you have nothing by that artist in your library.
Since having your library sorted by compilations is the only way to see the Artist within a compilation album (otherwise it's a list of songs with blank lines where the Artist should be), that you can't search for that artist's songs that are on compilations is stupid. No amount of playing with 'compilation' tags, artist etc. appears to resolve the issue,
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Happy about the playbar sound improvements for music 🙂
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Playbar sounds better (halfway through inception when upgraded), not as boomy.

But that splash screen! Migraine inducing !
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I actually don't like the new PLAYBAR sound, at all.

I can imagine the new EQ perhaps being better if you don't own a SUB, but it's a disappointment for me.

But that splash screen! Migraine inducing !

Was in bed in the dark when I first upgraded a few weeks ago and it was definitely jarring on the eyes!!