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Hi Everyone! Been looking for months to find an answer and figured it’s time to ask the community. Here is my situation: I’ve got 2 older amps (connect:amp and a ZP100) that each run a pair of Klipsch 650-SM ROCK SPEAKERS (FYI- each rock speaker is true dual speakers). These run on the S1 app since the older amps don’t support S2. My entire house is S2 and I’ve come to a point that I either need to downgrade all my speakers in the house to S1 or figure out a way to bring my outdoor speakers into the S2 world. Would I be able to purchase 1 Port and use it for both older amps? While they’re currently set up in 2 outdoor zones, one zone would be fine. Or do I need to bite the bullet and purchase 2 new Sonos Amps? Any other ways to make it work without dropping $1k+? Thanks in advance! 


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So, you want to split the output from a single Sonos port using S2 to feed the line in jacks on a pair of S1 CONNECT: AMP/ZP100? 

Other than a certain amount of signal attenuation when you split an audio output via RCA jacks, I’d think it would work. Sonos doesn’t know what is on the other end of the cable. As long as there is enough signal strength, I’d think it would be fine. Odd, I’ll grant you, but then again I understand the desire to save some money, yet be on S2.

If it were me, I’d bite the bullet and buy the pair of Sonos Amps, but as you say, it’s significantly more costly. But I would rather spend money and have simplicity than a jury rigged system :)

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And, since you already own older devices, you can probably use the trade up program for 30% off the price on the Amp's. 

Appreciate the responses and suggestions. Like you mentioned might be better off just going with the new amps. Maybe I’ll hang around the Sonos office here in Santa Barbara and see if I can get an employee to offer up a discount code :)  

LOL. Let me know how well that works. I’ve often wondered if they ever left some test units accidentally in a bar, like Apple has done several times in San Jose area.