YouTube Music vs CR200

  • 15 November 2020
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I know that CR200 support is limited at best, and I understand that the older device is probably quite limited in terms of program storage space.

But now that Google Play Music is dead (RIP) I am very hopeful that you can reclaim some of that program space to fix Youtube Music support.

Because today, on my CR200’s, all I see when I select Youtube Music is “Unable to browse music.”

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5 replies


Hi Andrew. 

I wish I found your post before I just put mine on, as I couldn’t find anything like this in a search. I have just had the same problem and asked if anyone else has. It is obviously not just my system.

If it doesn’t have a fix, maybe Spotify or another service will work and be a better option. At least I don’t have anything stored on Google play. Hopefully someone can enlighten us. 

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I think that the CR200 lacks the advanced decryption support that YTM requires to be connected. YTM does have unique requirements, so all other services should be fine. Does Sonos Radio work on your CR200? It has a subset of the same requirements as YTM, though not all of it.

Try iBroadcast, seems to be a popular replacement for Google Music.


Hi control AV.

Tunein radio works on the CR200, which I assume is the sonos radio that you meant. I might just change to Spotify I think.



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Neither sonos radio or youtube music work on my old CR200.  I get the “unable to browse music” message,.

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Neither sonos radio or youtube music work on my old CR200.  I get the “unable to browse music” message,.

This is not surprising, both services use a weird newer protocol that an older client, like the CR200, does not understand. The sad thing is that there is no technical reason for the weird new protocol that I can see.