Yet ANOTHER cannot add music folder

  • 17 October 2020
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Have circumventing a problem with SONOS app (for years) trying to get to my iTunes Media Music Library on my media server.  Never was able to get it to connect and eventually just gave access to a local backup on that I was maintaining on line.   That is no longer feasible, can’t keep the backup online any more.

So I was trying to get the SONOS App to access the remote file share directly.  Looked at prior fourm errors and saw that SMB V1 need to be enabled (not my favorite) and did that on the client (Plex01) and the Target (NAS-pc).  Both are Windows 10 Home machines, and up to date.

I can clearly access the Server’s files and play the media from the mapped drive (Z:) on  plex01

Yet when I try to add the Z: mapped folder to SONOS app on the Plex01 machine, I get the below error.


never saw am issue with a folder on mapped drive on the host PC… there are no options to share a mapped folder. All accounts on this machine have FULL CONTROL to the mapped drive.

The Media Server (NAS-pc) is running Drive Bender to provide a data pool which contains the iTunes Music drive @ \\NAS-pc\O Drive\iTunes\iTunes Libraries\iTunes Media\Music


** used to be a place to open a tech support ticket , last thing I want is to wait in a phone or chat queue and have to do real time PD **






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3 replies

Sonos doesn’t understand mapped drive letters. Give it the proper network (UNC) path. 

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DUH,  I forgot,  but the UNC was the original problem, even specifying the actual IP address (it’s static) on the media server.  I know something’s out of whack cause this device is the only one that doesn’t show under the NETWORK category.  Yet, File Sharing is on.  Turned the FW off temporarily on the target machine, that didn’t help.

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was able to reset the Network on the media server, so its not showing within the network.  However still unable to gain access

here’s the UNC to a native folder, not in the Drive Bender pool (taking that sfw out of the equation)


This is the response from SONOS (regardless of whether I give the credentials on the target machine or not):

filed a DIAGNOSTIC  for this  1442590867 in case I try going thru SONOS support