Would like some clarity on Sonos' position on Plex integration

  • 16 May 2024
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I don’t want to pile on, as the negativity in many of the posts I’m seeing here doesn’t seem to be helping the situation.  I’m very disappointed that the new app seems to have broken everything that I use Sonos for and that my investment in your products is on the verge of obsolescence.

I have nine Sonos/Symfonisk speakers around my house.  I have a very large music library (345 GB, ~60,000 tracks) which I host on a Plex instance running on a Synology NAS.  I don’t use streaming services at all.  Other members of my family do, but I’m interested in listening to the music in my own library.  I am a dinosaur.

I saw the note that says that support for local libraries will be restored in mid-June.  It’s not clear to me whether that is the Sonos “Music Library” or if that applies to Plex.  The Sonos “Music Library” generally doesn’t work well for me, because my library is too big.  If Plex support isn’t going to be restored, then my Sonos speakers will become paperweights as far as I’m concerned.  Please clarify your plans, as I don’t want to wait around for a month when I could be working on a new solution, only to find out that you’re not going to address my needs.

I have reverted to the old android app and am okay for the moment, I don’t expect that to work for very long.  This is very sad for me, as I’ve really enjoyed your products and have been a proponent for you in the past.

I’m exploring other options and don’t want this to turn into a “have you tried?” thread, there are plenty of those.  I would like to know if Sonos has a plan for my use case?



1 reply

Would like to further encourage a response from Sonos on this subject. I am in exactly the same position as the poster above. I use Plex to play from a >60k song library but since the app upgrade I have been unable to enter all but the first 2000 songs of my library on the app and it doesn’t have the range and versatility of the previous Plex on S2. Are Sonos seeking to address this or is it a Plex problem (in which case I’ll go and bother them)?