why spotify?

  • 18 September 2023
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It seems very limiting to me and I would of prefer if Sonos let you know in advance that your primary music source comes from Spotify and not from whatever you like to play from your phone.

Spotify to me is very limited and hard to search for songs, always throw more modern versions of the songs not the original and if a musician is not on Spotify you won't find the song you are looking for.

Youtube video is much preferred for me as I can find any songs that comes to my mind, plus the autoplay is way better than Spotify and remembers your preferred style of songs, Spotify autoplay is not smart this way and it just keeps throwing horrible songs.

So now I have to play music from my computer not from my phone.

3 replies

Why not just install the music service of your choice, and stream the music from the internet, rather than from your PC? 

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Your primary music source is your choice, Sonos gives you a long list to choose from under Services and Voice, the Add option at the bottom of the list of already configured services.


I’m not sure why you mention ‘Why Spotify?’ …particularly when Sonos currently supports the very many music services mentioned in this link:


You then refer to YouTube video - which is mostly for devices with a video display, but Google do provide the YouTube Music service, which is also available to add to Sonos. 

I sometimes use YouTube videos via an iPad whilst AirPlaying the audio to Sonos speakers. I also use it on my TV and play music videos through the connected Sonos HT …and just now and again, I play YouTube music videos on my phone and play the audio over a Bluetooth connection to Sonos Era-300’s - so there are lots of ways to achieve what you are perhaps looking for here.