Why has the Spotify heart icon disappeared on both mobile and desktop S2 apps?

  • 7 August 2023
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I love controlling my Sonos system with the proprietary desktop app and the S2 app on iPhone. One of the most convenient features when listening to Spotify was the ability to tap the heart icon (within the Sonos app) to easily add the song to my Spotify account’s Liked Songs playlist.

What happened to this feature? The icon was located directly to the right of the “next” button on both mobile and desktop Sonos apps but now is silently gone.

I understand there have been some changes to Spotify’s approach where they’ve replaced the heart icon with a plus icon (at least on their mobile app). This allows for more control on what that button does, i.e., which playlist you want to add it to. So I understand the Sonos integration may be limited now with that added layer of complexity. 

Perhaps half question, half conversation starter. Anyone else notice this change?  Is there any info or knowledge on what happened to this heart icon?



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7 replies

I notice the same problem! It was great to just hit the heart icon to save the song to my Liked Songs.

There is no + symbol on the app that I can see., the more menu let you save to a playlist, but I see no option for liked songs.

Put it back please!

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Spotify chooses what to to show in the Sonos app. Have you asked them?


I loved this feature and really miss it. I used it all the time when screening new music to temporarily add and remove songs to My Music. I find the plus icon in Spotify’s app to be quite cumbersome for removing songs from My Music.


Did you provide that feedback to Spotify? As far as I know, they don’t maintain any official presence in Sonos’ forums. 

Was about to send feedback to Spotify, but out of the blue, the heart button is back on my Sonos Controllers. @Cynthia_3 @Airgetlam @106rallye @NKW 


Very pleased this button is just perfect to easily add songs to my music on Spotify.

Since there was no release by Sonos of new software, it suggests that Spotify rolled out a fix on their own servers.