Volume normalisation on Sonos?

  • 21 October 2020
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I just noticed that my Sonos system adjusts the volume automatically between loud and quiet songs. I haven’t noticed this before. It is extremely annoying, and especially noticeable when I play an album where the songs run into each other. The system also inserts a little gap between the songs. ALSO extremely annoying. I tried playing the same music files on another player, and there is no difference in the volume and no gap between the songs on that player, so it’s not the files that are ripped that way, it is the Sonos system that plays around with the volume. Like I said, I’ve never noticed it before. What has happened? Where do I turn it off?


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27 replies

Which brings us back to the question - shouldn’t it be possible to add a setting in the Sonos app to let the user choose to read/not read the tag info? The effect would simply be the same as stripping/not stripping the actual tag from the file, which obviously works.

This is a question which has been asked for … oh … 12 years at least. Along with an option to select album gain instead of track gain.

Given the lack of attention to library playback these days, commensurate with its low usage across the installed base, I somehow doubt Sonos will ever attend to it.

Bonjour à tous, pour compléter et préciser ma question, j'ai des playlists qui viennent de Deezer. Sur certaines version de l'appli Deezer on trouve en effet une option "normalisation des volumes" mais cela ne fonctionne pas très bien et ça n'existe pas de toute manière sur Sonos.

C'est pourquoi je pense qu'il serait plus simple et plus efficaces d'ajouter une option à l'appli Sonos pour pouvoir ajuster manuellement à sa guise, selon son ressenti, chaque morceau de la playlist (volume ++.., volume --..), ajustement qui serait sauvegardé et modifiable par la suite si besoin.

Je ne sais pas si vous partagez cet avis ? Et je ne pense pas que Sonos aie envie de s'embêter avec cela…



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Hello everyone, to complete and clarify my question, I have playlists that come from Deezer. On some versions of the Deezer app there is indeed a "volume normalization" option but it does not work very well and it does not exist anyway on Sonos.

This is why I think that it would be simpler and more efficient to add an option to the Sonos app to be able to manually adjust as desired, according to his feelings, each song of the playlist (volume ++ .., volume - ..), adjustment which would be saved and modified later if necessary.

I don't know if you share this opinion? And I don't think Sonos wants to bother with that…