Volume controls & functionality gone in new app

  • 10 May 2024
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One other item they broke with the new app:  Volume control from the volume slider


Things missing:

  • Used to be if you slid the volume bar to showed a numerical volume value eg: 5, 40, 55 now its just the slider
  • If you tapped the volume bar it also brought up the volume customize button which when pressed allowed for EQ settings to be adjusted and ALSO allowed to adjust sub volume - that is now gone and you have to dig into the app to get it 
  • Main ‘System’ screen if you had a Roam or Move speaker it would show the % charge left on the device - you now have to go into a few deeper screens to get that info


This rework is NOT good and I question what the User testing revealed - or were they just hell bent on making the platform changes?


I JUST entered into the SONOS world 2 months ago and went all in:


Arc+ Sub

2 Era 100s



Irritated at the changes to say the least 

1 reply

This hasn’t only broken app control. I have a soundbar(the original, had it years) and all of a sudden my Apple TV remote no longer controls the volume of it. I tried to forget and relearn, but then realised that I don’t have a IR remote that works with the soundbar any more because I got rid of sky tv a while back. I don’t know what you are thinking Sonos, but it very much looks like reprogrammed the IR receiver on my sound bar without thinking of the consequences! Shameful customer service/support.