User profiles for "My Sonos" tab?

  • 13 August 2023
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I’m the Sonos account holder in my household. Others in the household use the Sonos app on their devices without signing into my Sonos account. I’m noticing that changes I make to “My Sonos” (e.g. adding a favourite station or playlist) gets reflected in the “My Sonos” tab of other members of the household, even though they aren’t signed into my Sonos account.

Is any way to configure user profiles for the “My Sonos” tab (or some similar concept) so each person in the house can have their own “My Sonos” favourites and tab configuration?


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2 replies

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There is no way to have individual “My Sonos” profiles for different users. The app is just a remote control, all the data for My Sonos is held on the speakers. Having multiple profiles would require the use of more memory on the speakers.

Users can have their individual music service added to the app so they can access their favourites and playlists that way.

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Ok thanks.

It’s a bit annoying that personalisation of the “My Sonos” tab by each person in the household is not possible. If this tab is based on data stored in the speakers with limited capacity for expansion, perhaps Sonos could consider providing option for an alternative view in the “My Sonos” tab which is uncoupled from the speaker data. The alternative view could either be based on information stored locally in each app instance, or even better would be the ability to sign into non-admin Sonos user accounts (data held on Sonos servers) to allow multiple Sonos accounts per Sonos system. 

I’m aware of the ability to add multiple accounts from a single music service, but this doesn’t really solve my issue.