USB flash drive music library and connectivity through mesh network

  • 23 October 2020
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I've run my music library from a USB connection on my BT home hub via a WiFi network without any problems for some years but I've experienced WiFi dead zones in my home and have now installed a Google mesh network.


My 2 Sonos One's and sub are now connected by sonosnet. This is achieved by connecting the remote Google mesh device to a One with an ethernet cable. The only problem I now have is that Sonos no longer recognises the drive path to the USB drive in the BT router. The current address is  //bthub/xxx


First question is, is it even possible to connect with the USB drive via a wired outlet from the Google mesh device or am I wasting my time.  If you can, what drive path do you use. 


My other question is does a similar situation occur if you connect via a Sonos Boost? In that situation the Boost would be connected to the Google mesh device plugged into the BT router. 


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2 replies

Your BT Hub is now on a different subnet from your Sonos. Replace the ‘//bthub/xxx’ path in the Sonos library config with ‘//’ and it should work again. 

On the second point, wiring a Boost is equivalent to wiring a player in terms of establishing a ‘wired’ (SonosNet) setup for the system.


Many thanks for the prompt response.

I can confirm that your above solution has worked perfectly.