Updating whilst units are in different locations

  • 24 April 2023
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QUESTION ! From my MacBook I cannot update my Sonos 2 in Greece since my Sonos 1 in Germany seems to block the updating as I read online.

How can I solve this problem ? This is a QUESTION.


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6 replies

Not sure I understand the problem properly, but…

Try deleting the controller from your Mac completely. Then go to the Sonos web page and download and install the new version, making sure to ‘join existing system’ (or words to that effect) when prompted. 

That will get the latest controller on your Mac. Once that is running, check for updates which should check all the speakers and download and install any updates there, and you’ll be good to go.

Never, ever install Sonos software from a non-Sonos website. Always use or for iOS and Android, the appropriate ‘stores’. 

However, if your question is how to update your Sonos system while not in the same location… can’t be done. You must be on the same Wi-Fi/subnet in order to run the process. 

Thanks but I cannot uninstall the system from my MacBook since it does not recognise any old or new  password. Should I uninstall also from all my devices like iPhones aso ? Very annoying since it will erase all the music memories aso.

I don’t understand your issue. Are you now in Greece? Can you operate your Greece system?

Critical data is stored in each player, not the controllers. Don’t Factory Reset any SONOS units without further consult.

And not having a speaker ’exist’ in one location shouldn’t ever stop you from updating the speakers that you can connect to. I often update my system without updating my Roam, then I run the update again when my Roam is connected. 

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My system updates automatically. Why did you change this standard setting?