Unreliable App and Comments on Google Play

  • 3 March 2024
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Does anyone read the comments on Google Play about how bad this app is? If these were cheap, as in price, I would have made a Youtube video showing how an un-satisfied customer takes a 10lb sledgehammer to unlistenable Sonos speakers.

You guys don’t even reply to any of the comments, why?



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3 replies

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Because there’s a Sonos community and a help phone number?

Because there’s a Sonos community and a help phone number?

Been there done that…..

I talked to engineers and we fixed the problem….until it happened again, and again, and again.

The app is not doing what it’s supposed to do and all it has to do is keep me connected to my network.

No other wifi app disconnects, no other PC problems, my router is a very good one, nothing goes wrong with anything that connects to the net, nothing except a SONOS app.

I am not the only one experiencing this, so why NO replies. Scrap the app and start over ffs.


There’s nothing wrong with the Sonos App - I’ve been using it in its current form since it was first introduced and not having any issues. Are you sure it’s not your router/network, or your mobile controller device?

The ‘discovery’ of the Sonos products by the Sonos controller App can sometimes be a slightly complex area to explore when things are going wrong and it’s not necessarily related to upload/download speeds or other devices being able to access the internet without any issue, but briefly… 

SSDP (the UPnP simple service discovery protocol) is used by the Sonos controller App to initially discover the Sonos players and is done via multicasting via UDP to and, for good measure, broadcasting to 

Both the Sonos players and controllers must share the same network subnet. However if the Sonos devices are connecting to multiple access points, the recommendations (from myself) are that they be set to the same WiFi channel and channel-width. This is for optimum performance particularly in groups and for some reason with some (not all) mesh-based WiFi systems, it appears some will work okay with Sonos, but others may not, particularly if the satellites/AP’s are perhaps auto-selecting their own WiFi channels. I’ve seen some people report issues with Google ‘nest’ mesh WiFi, for example, although others will occasionally say it works for their ‘small’ Sonos setup.

What is certainly not supported though by Sonos, are wireless range extenders, as some can mangle device MAC addresses and EoP (powerline) adapters.. so if you are using those type of wireless access points, to extend the wireless network coverage, then that may cause such intermittent device discovery issues by the Sonos Controller App.

Reserving the IP addresses in the routers DHCP reservation table can often help with device discovery, so consider making your Sonos IP addresses static. The router user-manual will normally assist you to do that in most cases.

Just to add aswell, it can sometimes be Apps/software running on the mobile ‘controller’ device that interfere with ‘device discovery’ Examples to perhaps consider are…

  • VPN Client 
  • Firewall software
  • Antivirus software
  • WiFi Calling/Dial assist
  • Private network address (MAC address spoofing)
  • Mobile data enabled for the Sonos App  

So consider disabling these features, even temporarily, just to see if that may fix your device ‘discovery’ issue.