unable to sign in on iphone app

I’m having problems with signing in to Sonos on my iPhone app. I get a message ‘Let’s try that again something went wrong. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet and try again’

My device is clearly connected to the internet since a) the app can both see and control my sonos system e.g. by starting and stopping music playing and b) the device happily browses the web, receives email etc.

further more Sonos controllers on my other devices (iPad, Mac, and an alternative iPhone) all run successfully and can log on to my Sonos account.

I have tried removing the app for the iPhone and reinstalling it, and restarting my Wi-Fi without any success. 

any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to fix it would be welcomed.


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Disable MS Defender.

Brilliant, I didn’t even realise that ms defender was active. This has done the trick, thanks controlav

Disable MS Defender.

ugh, THANK YOU, this has been driving me nuts all week. will try this now. But medium term I need MS Defender to be compliant for work. Is there a plan to fix this?

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Why not ask Microsoft?

There was a thread in which someone claimed to be on the Defender team, they stated they were working on it, but I’d trust a direct contact, as @106rallye suggests, with Microsoft. 

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FWIW, I have the same problem with a work-provided iPhone. MS Defender is mandated. If I switch it off, it quickly switches itself back on. I’ve had the phone a while, and I never used to have the problem. Something changed somewhere. For now, my iPhone connects to Sonos and I can start albums, playlists, and stations that are in my Sonos Favourites. But I can’t browse the Amazon Music or BBC Sounds services. Strangely, I can browse the Radio Paradise service.