Unable to play my Music Library.

  • 27 March 2024
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I cannot access my Itunes Music or Playlists. I get the following error message "Unable to play song-cannot connect to my laptop/music because the server cannot be found." I can play all Sonos Radio channels without an issue. I am up to date with updates.


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6 replies

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Sounds like your laptop is off, disconnected from the network or is refusing to connect for some reason.


The laptop is connected or the Sonos Radio wouldn’t be working, I get the same issue when I try to play my music library from my Iphone.


Sonos radio works from your speaker. Your laptop app is merely a remote control. Nothing gets routed through the controller app. 

Unless you’re using AirPlay 2, Apple won’t allow you to play music from your iPhone, both Apple and Google (Android) have turned off that option in their respective OS.

So is the best working theory that my laptop is not on the same network as my sonos?

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Or refusing to connect to Sonos for some reason. I don’r do Windows so I’m no help there.

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Hi @Robdporter 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear of the issues you’re having in trying to play your Music Library from your laptop. I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.