Unable to connect to TuneIn - 'Listen Again"

  • 1 April 2021
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HI, I have issues connecting to Tunein,  mostly where I am trying to listen to previous episodes (live radio seems to work OK - I mostly listen to BBC service). Sometimes when ‘listen again” playback does work, it will stop mid program and then I get the “Unable to  play...unable to connect”. I can always go to live radio at that point and it works 100% of the time - no connection issues.


I have removed and reinstalled the Tunein service, rebooted devices etc. 


I created a diagnostic report 1122795564. 


Many thanks for your help

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7 replies

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Hi @markmack, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Looks like you may be using a mesh network, have you rebooted each individual node of the mesh?

It may also be worth testing with a speaker connected directly to the main mesh node via Ethernet cable - if you play to just that speaker/room, do you continue to experience the same issues?

If the issues persist in this setup, then we can rule out interference as a cause. Let us know how you get on :)

Hi Xander. I am using a mesh, I have rebooted the nodes but had not recently had a speaker connected to the home node. Have done so, will report back after testing!


Many thanks 



Hi Xander


I tested will no luck. See attached diagnostic number. 





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Hi @markmack, thanks for sending that diagnostic over.

I’ve tried to play the same content that you were testing with on my own system and got a message that “The song isn’t encoded correctly”, and the content failed to start - is this the same error you got?

Have you noticed any consistency in what shows you’re able to start, which may later drop out? If so, mind sharing the name of one of the shows that you can start? I’d like to test if they also drop out on my own system :)


I usually get this message. Source is BBC

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Got it, thanks for that. If you’ve still got a speaker wired, it may be worth testing with different SonosNet channels (Settings > System > Network > SonosNet Channel).

As a test I played the same episode and had no issues, so it does seem the issue is local to your network.

Regarding the mesh network, is that connected via another ISP provided router?