unable to connect to TuneIn

I recently updated my Sonos app to S2 - since then I have been having issues playing tuneIn radio. Initially it used play intermittently but now is not connecting to TuneIn at all. 
Any help is appreciated. 

thank you. 

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Hi @Sunder21, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I would like to take a closer look at your system, can you please submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation.

Here’s how: Settings > Help & Tips > Submit diagnostic in the Sonos mobile app.

As of this moment, no outage was reported with the TuneIn service.

Have you tested the other music services? are the other services working?

Have you tried removing TuneIn in the Sonos app and adding it back? 

The information you can provide can help isolate the issue.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out. 


@Kyle A , just as a note, TuneIn is a built in service, and can’t be ‘removed’ from the controller. 

@Kyle A, thank you for replying. 
I have just submitted the diagnostic #2131406964.

i have done all of the above you mentioned - removed TuneIn and added it back.

Apple Music works fine.

Sonos radio works fine.

- Tried playin radio on direct TuneIn App - works fine. It just don’t work through the S2 app.




Just out of curiosity, are you trying a specific station, or are there several?

Just tested KQED, and a couple of random Austin TX stations using TuneIn on a pair of PLAY:5s on S2, with no issue whatsoever. Which makes me wonder if it’s a specific station, some of them use different servers for the Sonos stream vs the TuneIn app itself, or the TuneIn website. It makes it easier for them to track where the usage is coming from. 

I see that with S2 they allow you to remove your account, that’s new. Wonder if that indicates any motion towards adding TuneIn Premium, so I can listen to baseball games without being forced to use AirPlay 2. 

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Hi @Sunder21 and @Airgetlam, thanks for the update.

@Sunder21, I checked the diagnostic, the kitchen player is reporting the “Not Enough Bandwidth” error.

The Sonos speakers are using a router from Tp-Link.

I would like to know the model of your router. So, we can check if we have a known issue with it.

If we have extenders or other networking devices, please include them and how they’re connected to the network.

Because when rebooting the Network, It also involves the other Network devices.


@Airgetlam, actually when we release Sonos Radio on April 21, 2020, it was also the time we replaced TuneIn as our default music service.

For new Households, Sonos Radio will be offered first in the browse tab and TuneIn will be a regular music service that you can add.

For existing Households before the update, they will still have the TuneIn service including an offer to add Sonos Radio.


If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.



Kyle A, if you could re-emphasize the long simmering desire for TuneIn Premium, it would be most appreciated.

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Hi @Airgetlam, I will be more than happy to pass this along. 

@Kyle A - thanks for update. 

I have two routers in the house. Huawei and D-Link. 

huawei router/modem is a service provider unit and the wifi has been disabled.  

The D-link router is used to provide Wi-Fi throughout the house and all speaker are connected to the D-Link. 


I still am not able to connect to TuneIn radio stations. Hope you can help. 

thank you 




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Hi @Sunder21, thank you for the update.

I would like to know the model of the D-Link since they produce multiple models.

We can check the model on our end if we have a known issue. 

Also, can you take a screenshot of the error and take another diagnostic on the system.

The information you can provide is greatly appreciated.



@Kyle A 


@Kyle A 


@Kyle A 


@Kyle A - just letting you know that I only experienced this issue since upgrading to S2. 

Everything used to work perfectly fine on S1. I if there is a way I could go back to S1 at all? 

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Hi @Sunder21, thank you for the update.

Did you mark the station as your favorite and trying to play it using the favorites of the Sonos app?

If so, remove it from your favorite and try searching it manually then add it as your favorite.

Because at times our music service partners update their APIs even for their radio stations.

If not, the Sonos speakers are having a hard time reaching the TuneIn servers in the diagnostic. Let’s try rebooting the Network this includes the Huawei router.

Checked the router model, no known issue with D-link DIR842. No service outage from TuneIn in Music Service Status

To go back to S1, It’s not advisable to revert the Sonos App to the previous version.

Update us on how the troubleshooting goes.


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I had the same issue after updating to S2

I removed the tune-in favorites in Sonos and added them back and it worked :)

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Hi @fabianmach, thank you for the input and sorry for the late response.

I’m glad that it’s working fine now. 

If you encounter issues, feel free to reach out.

The community is here to help.