unable to connect to sonos

Ok. I was able to use the system using an app on iOS last week. Admittedly after a lot of swearing and trying Ethernet cables, eventually got it working over Wi-Fi. 

however as of today I’m unable to connect via app. Just incredible. Really frustrating. 

I keep getting the error that the app can’t find a sonos system on the network. It really is connected. I mean come on…..

any ideas as to what a fix might be?


are the devs deliberately trashing their products? I’d hardly recommend at this point. 

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I have got it to work again by plugging into an ethernet cable and restarting the app on my phone. but now the link from eg radio6 will not work from the favourites, i have to go through various menus to get it to work. I tis the same radio 6 link because it is already saved as favorurite. 

My goodness what a palaver. I cant keep disassembling my office to get cables to run to the sonos system everytime to then have to put everything back. Just shoddy!

This is going to be an ongoing issue i can tell! 

In a surprise to nobody, Sonos products are not seen by my app this morning! Incredible.

I can get it to work via web app though. not ideal at all. Not what I paid the money for.