Unable to browse music SiriusXM Canada

  • 27 September 2022
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SiriusXM alarms quit working today. When I try to start a channel none are listed and it shows unable to browse music. Also my SiriusXM account is greyed out when I look at the. 
diagnostic 1131391212


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4 replies

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Everything came back later yesterday but SiriusXM constantly drops connection and errors with the usual “connection lost or not encoded properly or digital rights….”  Getting to be a regular occurrence.  Status page shows all operational.   Any answers?

Your best bet would be to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it, we forum members don’t have access to the diagnostics to read what might be going on. 

If I were to guess, there’s probably some congestion going on, either at SiriusXM (try moving the alarm back or forward by 3 minutes) or some sort of wifi interference going on at the moment that the speaker is trying to contact the SirusXM servers. But whatever it would be would likely be shown in that diagnostic. 

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Will be doing that. Just wondered if there is an ongoing issue with SiriusXM. Actually it is only a pair of Play 1’s that lose the connection. All my other speakers stay connected with streaming music to them, including another pair that are part of a surround setup. 

It’s super hard to tell, beyond looking at the Sonos Realtime Service Status link on this forum, and that’s relatively automated, I’d expect, so it’s probably not as sensitive to transient issues, which may be your issue. 

I have seen, in the last couple of months, several folks who found that SiriusXM’s servers were being overloaded by timed/alarm connections, and moving them off the 30s (and maybe 15s?) helped them get an appropriate connection.