Unable to add folder to music library (900) / Synology DSM 7.0 / Sonos S1 / MacOS

  • 9 August 2022
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Apologies for asking a question on which there are other posts, however I am still hitting a brick wall:

Synology DS418 NAS running DSM 7.1 42661 Update 3; music in a folder name “music”; under File Services - SMBv1 set as minimum with SMBv3 as maximum; NTLMv1 enabled

Using Sonos S1 (as older hardware on my system)

Enabling NTLMv1 has got me passed the login/password not accepted hurdle.

Now I am stuck with the ‘Unable to add folder to music library (900)’.  I think this tells me that at least Sonos has been able to address the NAS shared folder.  I have tried setting up the music library using iPad App; Mac App and Android App.  I have also tried using the IP address to no avail.  Internal Firewall is off.  I have also tried various Diskstation login accounts.

Lastly I have tried alternative upper case and lower case spellings of DiskStation, Diskstation, Music, music.  Didnt make any difference

Any help much appreciated


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2 replies

As you are using an S1 setup, perhaps see if setting the SMB protocol min/max setting to version 1 solves the issue as that version is the only one supported by the S1 software.

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