UK Local Radio stopped working

  • 25 July 2021
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Since last week my Sonos has been unable to play local radio stations through either TuneIn or myTuner radio. “Main” BBC radio stations like Radio 1 and 2 still work, but local radio just gives me a BBC message stating that either technical problems contractual restraints means the content is not available. 
anyone else? Or just me. 

3 replies

Perhaps see this other forum thread and the links off some of the posts…


This has been going on for a while. 
SONOS (and/or Tunein) you are serving UK users with the WRONG URLs for the BBC streams.  You are giving us the streams intended for international (outside the UK) users.

look at:


PLEASE NOTE THE BBC'S 128k AND 320k HLS STREAMS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO LISTENERS IN THE UK (and not to those from overseas/abroad), but live sports commentary is available on these streams.

If you served UK users with these streams we would be happy.   Or are you not able to differentiate between UK and non-UK users?  Google and Amazon manage it!  If I say “Hey Google play BBC Wiltshire” I get the correct feed. 

Captain Volvo
It is possible to add the correct stream for your local radio station manually.  Follow:

Just use the 128k url from the radiofeeds link above and give it a name. 

That’s what I’ve done.

However it would be better if Sonos gave us the correct feeds in the first place.




Note that Sonos has zero control over what URL is handed to them by TuneIn. If it’s incorrect, then the complaint should be to TuneIn. Or RadioPlayer, or whatever.