Tune IN Station appears on S2 app for Arc that is not wanted

  • 17 November 2022
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The problem is minor and just started on its own, I do not play this station, it is not a favorite, nor is it a recommendation.

FM Revolution is a station on Tune In that is from Buenos Aries. It is not a favorite, I have never picked or played that station. It’s the same dial # as KINK FM in Portland Oregon which I do listen to. 101.9 fm. That is the only thing in common.

Yes, it is still showing up on my Arc playbar in the S2 app as the last thing played. This happens most every day and after the TV had been on.

Tune In has no phone service support and have not been helpful via email. I am just not sure why this has happened.


3 replies

One reason a station might keep reappearing would be if there were an alarm set to play it. It would be worth checking any voice control programs you may use if there is nothing in Sonos itself.

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John B

I am only using the Sonos Voice and not very often. I have no alarms set. This is a bit of strange issue and it goes away when another music source or the TV turns on. 

I can only suggest that you submit a system diagnostic as soon as possible after the issue arises, then contact Sonos Support with the confirmation number.