TruePlay with Arc, Sub and two Era 300

I’m trying to setup TruePlay on my 5.1 system which includes an Arc, the Sub and two Era surround speakers.  The TruePlay process runs through to completion on my iPhone but when I go back into the system the settings appear not be have been saved.

I’ve run a couple of other tests.  If I remove the Era 300s from the 5.1 system and set them up as a stereo pair TruePlay works on both individual systems: Arc+Sub & Era 300 stereo pair.

The problem is therefore when I merge all four items into one 5.1 system.

Is this a known issue?

Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be resolved?


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Since my original post I have since tried the following but the outcome was the same as before:

  1. uninstalled and then reinstalled the Sonos app on my phone
  2. factory reset all four Sonos speakers
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I too have just taken delivery of two Era 300s and joined them into an existing Arc + Sub system (replacing two Sonos Ones that were previously used as surrounds), and am experiencing the same issue.  Unable to tune Trueplay, I get to the end of the process and find it has not saved.

Having moved the Ones into other rooms, they have tuned just fine.

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I have the same problem. The Era 300 

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Trueplay tuning issues are a recognised issue that Sonos is working on fixing. Not sure which app update timing that’s coming in.  

Same problem for me after adding a pair of ERA 300 speakers to an Arc and Sub Gen 3

Having the same issue, troubleshot to the moon and back today. Can confirm ones in other rooms that the 300s replaced did tune no problem. Just the big boy setup having issues. Arc+Subg3+x2E300.
Hopefully see a fix soon!

Yesterday I installed the newly released 80.01.30 of the iOS app.  This required some firmware updates to various speakers.  All Firmware updates were completed without any issues.  Although the release notice for 80.02.30 suggested improvements to TruePlay, I experienced the same issue when I run TruePlay setup again last night.

I just went back into the app to try to set it up one last time and to my surprise it was showing as already being setup.  I re-run the process and everything is now working as expected.


The solution was therefore to ensure you are on at least the early June very of the software and the latest firmware updates.

Can confirm, update fixed my issues as well. 

I’ve only had my system for a little over a week and I’m not gonna lie. It has been the biggest pain in the butt I have ever run across. That being said today, I tried to start up my system, and it looked like it. It updated to the latest version except for one era 300. After a couple tries, it finally updated and registered. I also had to unplug and plug each speaker back in to get it connected back on my network  

after all that I noticed truplay is not even an option for me in the application on the iPhone. My iOS is up-to-date. The application for Sonos is up-to-date.

To be quite honest, I’m questioning why I spent 2500 bucks for the system instead of spending 1400 bucks or whatever for a Samsung or an LG system that would Functioning correctly right now. Because so far, I absolutely hate my experience with Sonos
And then when I tried to call, it said wait time on hold at least 70 minutes and no available chat representatives again why did I waste my money on this set up?

Era 300 don’t work with Arc with the tv. I have tried uninstalling the app, resetting internet, restarting everything. Hope every update would resolve it, but does not. Spent around 5 hrs on hold n 3 hrs with tech 1. Sent CEO email useless, to get a tech 2 level if can’t get an appointment.

I am an original Sonos customer bought at least 12 speakers. This is an ultimer issue. My speakers work fine with Spotify. My Arc works well , so I don’t get why the system does not work well.

Was finally successful TruePlay tuning my Era 300's/Arc/Sub mini setup BIG thanks to you guys on this forum for sharing your experiences and tips. Was using iPad with no success then tried iPhone. Bingo! TruePlay tuning started and finished. Interesting is the fact that Sonos level 2 support tech emailed me (after 2 weeks of crickets) and said

"We noticed that we're successful in adding the Era 300 as a surround. Let us know if you have other questions or other concerns." 

First of all my fellow Sonos owners on this forum helped me and second you offered no help at all initially so why would I ask again LOL so no thank you.