Tidal App disconnects, music keeps playing

  • 11 March 2023
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While using the Tidal App on iPhone, playing directly to a pair of fives via tidal connect, after a few songs the app on the phone appears to disconnect. Music keeps playing, but can no longer control with phone. Have to reconnect and start the current song over. This process then repeats every few songs. Not sure if there is a setting I need to change or if this is just an ongoing bug with tidal app/Sonos. Does not seem to be an issue if using ipad. Any thoughts are appreciated. 


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2 replies


Same problem with an Android phone.

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Hi @Prine 

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Please switch off your WiFi router for at least 30 seconds. While waiting for WiFi to come back, please reboot your iPhone too. The fact that the iPad works without issue suggests it may have more to do with the iPhone than with the network, but this’ll give things the best chance of going well.

The same advice to @kdth_jhspk69.

I hope this helps.