There was a problem adding the BBC sounds account

  • 16 September 2023
  • 2 replies

Septembet 15 2023 BBC sounds has just stopped working on Sonos 2 system. Asked me to reauthorise which I did and the BBC app seemed to think it had connected / authorised fine. "Go back to your sonos app"

Sonos still says I need to reauthorise; did it  again same result. Tried deleting the BBC SOUNDS from sonos and started from scratch. Same problem…

Anyone else experiencing this ? Any advice gratefully received.


2 replies

Have you checked the location associated with your Sonos account at As a guess, the db no longer thinks you’re in a ‘valid’ area. 

Thanks, have logged into on the laptop. I clicked on ACCOUNT / PROFILE, it has my UK address.. so presume it knows I’m in the right area to use my BBC account.. unless I’m looking in the wrong place for “valid” area, maybe you could advise.

The other rather strange thing is when I deleted the the BBC account from Sonos to load it fresh, it now cannot seem to load the BBC account at all. I select BBC sounds from “add music services”  - ADD to SONOS  - “YOU NEED A BBC ACCOUNT to use BBC sounds on Sonos” - Connect to BBC Sounds - ADD BBC Account (please authorize sonos to use your BBC sounds account - Click Authorize - goes to sign in page already has my email - CONTINUE - BBC ALL DONE !” sonos is now connected to your BBC account, you can return to Sonos App.  Go back to Sonos App, no sign of it..


Very strange.