The sonos app doesn't find the existing system on IPhone 14 IOS 17.5.1 - Sonos Ver 80.04.04

  • 10 July 2024
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We have this situation:

3 different devices, on two (2) the Sonos app finds the system and works. On one device, with the updated app version, it does not work.


The devices:

a) Iphone 14 - IOS 17.5.1 Sonos App vers 80.04.04

b) Windows PC - windows 11 Sonos desktop vers 16.2

c) Android 12.0.0 Sonos App vers 80.04.05-release + 20240702.edb3233

Same wifi network

The app installed on Android and Windows devices finds the Sonos system and works.

The app installed on Iphones does not find the SONOS system.

We are not talking about a single IPhone 14 having this problem. We have this model as a company phone: about 50 employees. All employees with this app version cannot use SONOS. Those who have the older version of the SONOS APP installed (light brown icon), on the other hand, can manage the system via the app.

1 reply

I have a similar issue.

I am trying to configure a new speaker in a new system.

Through the app (ios) I can set up the speaker and get it connected to my wifi. But when I try to connect to the speaker through the app after that, it is not found.

I have reset, reinstalled and all that stuff, but to no avail.

Funny thing is that I can connect to the speaker through airplay from apple-tv, mac etc… so I guess it is related to the app somehow.

The Sonos-app on mac also see the speaker but I get a message that I have to complete the setup in the mobile app… so stuck in a loop