The new updated app fails to play my lists

Sonos app has been rock solid for past few years, this latest app is... How can I put it... Rubbish!!! It automatically updated on my phone, so now I can open it, no issues, go to my playlists, no issues... But that's as far as it goes, always starts from the top track, I can't scroll through & choose the song I want to listen to... Totally understand the logistics & tech of doing an upgrade... But it was wasn't broken, so no need to fix it. I now don't have the option for a widget on my Google phone & app is no more useful, just things in different places. Plus I can't play the tracks I want... Sonos... I now can't use your product... They're sitting there in silence... Tried to chat to support... But miracles are few & far between nowadays... Please sort this out... Getting very vexed...

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Same here! Just plays first song—tried from all my music services. Frustrating! 

Same, thanks for bringing it up! has there been any response from Sonos on this?