Strange Tidal Problem (Beam2)

  • 5 March 2024
  • 2 replies

Hi. I had in issue with One that is still present on Beam 2. I can’t add Tidal to the Sonos App (connection error). Neverthless, Tidal sees the Beam and I can play music (it was very shacky on Sonus One, seems to be better on Sonus Beam) and also I can see it (the Tidal Song I’m playing) in the SOnus App. But every time I stop, everything starts again:the Sonos app ask again to add Tidal (with username, password and so  on) the registration is fine but connection error when I switch to the Sonos App-Tidal sees the Beam- I see the song in the Sonos App. Somehow it works, but I would like to add Tidal to the Sonos App.  


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 5 March 2024, 12:50

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2 replies

Maybe see if rebooting the local router will resolve the matter for you and (if available) try a different mobile controller device. Also make sure there isn’t any security software, like VPN/Firewall etc; running on the mobile device too during the setup of the service.

Apprentlly the reboot  did the job. Tank you vero muco.