Still cannot finalize connection with my symfonisk speakers after multiple updates

  • 9 June 2024
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Hi all,

the new app update completely broke the system with 5 Symfonisk speakers we have at work. Right after the update, accoring to the app there is no Sonos system set up on our network at all.

I reset all speakers, but when I go through the setup process again, all goes fine up until the point I enter my WiFi network details, it proceeds to the next step of connecting but infinitely hangs at this point until it says the speaker is connected but may not be visible until I restart the speaker.

After doing this and rebooting the speaker, it never shows up in system settings.

The weird thing is, they're definitely all connected to the network because I can use them using AirPlay, but the Sonos app still says there is no network.

I have updated the app two times now since the new app (first to 80.01.30 and then to 80.02.04). Both versions give the same result.

Does anyone have any suggestion here? Ethernet is not an option as we do not have access to ethernet ports on our network due to IT policy.

1 reply

I'm having similar issues with my new One SL speakers. About ready to return everything and be done with Sonos