Stations Not Changing

  • 23 June 2023
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It takes several attempts to “change the station” in Sonos app/TuneIn.  The icons and GUI update to the newly selected station, but the actual audio is the previous station.  It only started a couple of months ago, so it’s likely related to a bug in the software update.  This topic was created previously - but the discussion was “closed” without any resolution.  Did I miss something?  Is there a solution for this bug?

Previous discussion now closed: 


6 replies

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Hello @dhaase and welcome to Sonos Community!

The attached thread has been closed automatically due to inactivity within the community.

We have identified the above issue mentioned and currently working on a fix, but unfortunately I do not have any ETA to provide.

Please bare with us, I will make sure to reply here with any updates.

Thank you, Sotiri, και ευ χαριστώ!

Before the topic closes again, is there any update on progress?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a reliable work-around to force the station change?

I just updated my contoller (S2, version 15.8). Unfortunately the issue is still there...

Well, you might see that behavior with duplicate IP addresses blocking the communication between the controller and the speaker. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to do a simple network refresh by unplugging all your Sonos devices from power, then rebooting your router. Once the router has had sufficient time to reload, say, 2 minutes or so, plug back in the Sonos devices.

Note, this is merely a simple IP address refresh, and will not fix/get around any bug that @Sotiris C. is mentioning. 

Thanks for the suggestion. However, this problem has been for several months and in that time I had multiple router boots. These happen overnight, and I switch off power to all my sonos gear at night. So I think I’ll have to wait for the bug fix.