spotify stops playing

  • 15 February 2023
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Been through the related threads - and I have tried to reset my controller, remove Spotify etc. as pointed out in another thread. However Spotify still drops out randomly… I have now tested with another Music Service. Spotify is having a problem, NOT Sonos - I can listen to radio and another music service for hours without any problems, but Spotify drops the stream randomly. One note though, after my system reset, remove / add Spotify and so on, less dropouts occurs. So some effect but still not good enough. 
l’ll push this into the Spotify support. 

1 reply

Thanks for the post.

One thing many folks don’t remember is that Spotify uses a different server to feed the Sonos stream than they do to feed their own apps, so while one server may be having issues, it doesn’t necessarily extend to all Spotify servers. 

But contacting them directly makes all sorts of sense to me.