Spotify skips to next song or stops playing, other sources work just fine meanwhile

  • 17 February 2020
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Spotify skips to next song or stops playing, other sources work just fine meanwhile 

This has just started after years of using Spotify , is it Spotify not working with my legacy products which i have not traded up as yet ?

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3 replies

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@Lulu4 , As far as I am concerned, I have not heard any updates on Spotify’s end. Submit a diagnostic report and reply back with the confirmation number so I can take a closer look at your issue.



My Spotify stops playing after a few songs then try’s the next then the next then says it can’t connect to Spotify. 
i’ve removed Spotify then re added but this makes no difference. 
Today I was playing Spotify on my Amp which I had paired with the move which I’ve had for around 6 months and all was fine. 
I can’t seem to recreate it as it’s totally random and I don’t use other music sources normally. 
thanks for your help. 
diagnostic number 1089000789

Check if you have wifi interference:

Also, refresh your system:

1: Unplug Sonos units from power

2: Reboot your router 

3: Wait until the router has fully restarted, then power up Sonos units

Recently there have been problems with Spotify but they have been solved. Always check status here: