Spotify radio stations not playing today on Sonos

  • 24 January 2021
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I cannot get Spotify artist radio stations to play on my Sonos today. I can play other Spotify content, like a specific album. But the S2 app complains it cannot get songs for radio station. I’ve never had this problem before. I have reset everything with no benefit so far. Any ideas?  Those artist radio stations play fine in the Spotify app. Just not through Sonos 

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64 replies

All good here now as well

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Much as I would love to give any credit to Sonos, it’s much more likely that the fix came from Spotify, since the data stream does not pass through Sonos until the point it hits your speakers to play, and there has been no software update for the controller/speakers. 

AFAIK the stream comes directly from Spotify, but the communication with the Spotify API is via Sonos and the error I get (and most others I guess) is that it cannot get a list of songs to play but it works when playing from the Spotify app.

My guess is that either something changed on the Spotify side when it comes to how the API presents Artist Radio, BUT it is just as likely that where was a change on the Sonos side when it comes to how they communicate with the API on their side.


The speakers communicate with the Sonos API to get a list of songs, then the servers presenting the Sonos API that the speakers use communicate with the Spotify API. That is where I think the problem is,


Sonos servers talking to the Spotify API. Either side can be wrong, and I don't care that much unless this starts to happen frequently, for me the Artist Radio is one of my favourite features.

I'm rather new to the forum and maybe naive...  but shouldn't sonos be part of this thread or is this not how this forum works? 

The times when a forum was nothing more than a place for customers to vent and maybe help themselves are over, no? 

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I'm rather new to the forum and maybe naive...  but shouldn't sonos be part of this thread or is this not how this forum works? 

The times when a forum was nothing more than a place for customers to vent and maybe help themselves are over, no? 


I kind of wonder that myself. Many companies monitor their forums and have representatives that help customers with information and help, but as far as I can tell in this forum there are just users guessing and trying to help each other.


I guess I’m going to have to bookmark this page after all, as the same issue is back again today on my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. 


It was only recently where I upgraded the app/controller for both devices. I’m wondering if that’s part of the issue going forward. 

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LOL.Mine has also stopped working again and I have not upgraded the controller so I am guessing that is not the cause.It really is time for a Sonos rep to come here and explain who or what is responsible for this or a least feign ignorance.

Gee thanks Sonos- you lull us into thinking the radio station issue is fixed for a couple of days then yank it again - give me a break!! I’m sick of this stupid merry go round - fix it!!

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Hi everyone, and thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community!

Just to provide some update on this, we're aware of an issue affecting the Artist Radio function from Spotify, and our engineers are working together with the Spotify team to get this issue resolved.

No timescale for a fix I can share right now, however as a workaround you can use Spotify Connect directly from the Spotify app, or if you are using an iOS device with AirPlay compatible speakers, you can stream the audio from the Spotify app via AirPlay.

I'll post a further update when the issue has been resolved.

Def groundhog day - some artist radio stations working, however majority are not.

Resolution asap plse

The “Unable to get tracks for radio station” issue was happening several days ago then it started working again and 2 days ago stopped again.  I’ve tried at least 10 different artist and non work.  
Maybe they API broke - but they why did it not work, worked, and now not work again. 

It does work on Spotify -- so it must be between Spotify and Sonos.  
Please fix ASAP -- it can’t be that hard to fix!


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This issue pops up every few days. I keep submitting diagnostics but no sign of change yet.

By the way I am still on Sonos 1 because I have a bunch of older Sonos devices. Are people seeing this on both Sonos 1 and Sonos 2 systems?

One ‘feature’ I notice is that this usually happens if I am trying to start a new radio station (A) in a new room (Y). But if I start a station (B) that was previously playing in a different room (Z) (by rechecking in the Rooms dialog) station A starts OK in room Y. And then if I start station B in room Y it now starts OK.

That seems to be a reliable workaround. But who knows why it works?

I am having the same trouble with Spotify artists channels always. Sonos always says “do a systems reboot, unplug everything, yadda yadda yadda” and that is complete BS most of the time. Their canned answer when they have absolutely no idea why something happens. Call Spotify and they tell you it is Sonos, and that is true it is Sonos because I can listen to everything through the app with my headphones. I love my speakers but it is too bad they cannot fix these little annoying problems

I have a Spotify Premium account. So far, SONOS plays everything on Spotify except for a Spotify radio program titled “The Blues Kitchen Radio.” The program plays fine on my Bluetooth speakers. What can I do to get it to play on SONOS?

Stuff like this makes me think that my next speaker will be straight Bluetooth. No need to mess with the frustrating SONOS middle man.

You’ve posted the same issue in another thread. As previously explained, Spotify has chosen, at this point, not to expose podcasts to users of Sonos. Sonos has absolutely no control over this, it is entirely up to Spotify. Perhaps voicing your displeasure to Spotify might be more effective than doing it here, as Spotify does not maintain a presence in these forums.