Spotify radio stations not playing today on Sonos

  • 24 January 2021
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64 replies

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regardless of who’s fault this broke (sonos or spotify). it should really be up to sonos to both verify this problem and track it down to the point of “we are doing this, which used to work and now it doesn’t” and report and get it resolved from spotify. if they can’t reproduce it themselves, they should be able to capture the info needed from it failing on a customer’s system. i spent two hours with sonos simply trying to report this straight forward issue. i’m not sure how it got fixed, or if my two hours helped, but am happy it did get fixed. it felt like they were just guessing and having me try random stuff. i think the process could have been more efficient. determining the point of failure should be easy, assuming u have reasonable logging and diagnostics in your code.

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I am a self admitted luddite so I cant make any case.


You can own Sonos equipment or be a luddite. Not both. LOL! 

That is my dilemma.

I must confess I have never used a community board and it does offer some practical information as well as some therapeutic satisfaction

Back to Helen Merrill or some Death in Vegas



I once again am unable to get radio tracks from Spotify on my Sonos- Submitted diagnostics #553287002

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Spotify artist radio is not working for me either. I can start it from the spotify app and play it on sonos. Afaik playing artists and songs from spotify via the sonos app works as expected otherwise.

If I were to guess there might have been a change in some api that sonos use when communicating with spotify to play artist radio.

Spotify artist radio is not working for me either

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Not working for me either.  Hasn’t been for days.  Grrrr.

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Same here.  No Spotify radio stations play at all for me now.  This after a few days of no problems.  WTF?

Spotify radio does not work for me either... submitted diagnostics 649963865

Same problem here.  I’ve experienced this issue on 3 different networks in 3 different states, which leads me to believe that this has nothing to do with ISP’s, wi-fi, or IP/DNS settings. This is getting really old.


Back again as well, however now I can’t get any of the stations (Favorites) to play. So the problem was never solved really...


doesnt work from the Sonos App, works from Spotify app where I select Sonos speaker.  


Fix problem sonos.  clearly its you.

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Yep, same problem here. And it started about a week ago. So it’s definitely not user error and something on Sonos’ or Spotify’s end.


Has anyone been able to reliably solve this?

I have the same problem for 2 days now and it’s about 80% of how I use my Sonos. They better get it fixed or I won’t have much use for the system and will think about switching to Bose or something else. 

Add me to the list. Unable to start any spotify radio from sonos app, but everything else works.

Similar experience here.  I tried the modem/router/sonos reboot route and continued to see the same problem.  For the last week it’s been random: some stations would play, others would not.  Now it seems to be all the artist radio stations I select in the Sonos app running Spotify.  So far I haven’t found one that will play.  I’ve primarily been listening to 60s jazz artists the last few days.  I’ll try a “popular” contemporary artist to see if it works and report back.

Update: I went back and tried playing Artist Radio of a couple artists in the current Spotify Top 50 USA.  None of the Artist Radio stations worked.  So, it doesn’t seem to be a problem of my listening to obscure artists.

Just started having this issue today. Diagnostic 292137716

My saved spotify radio stations don't play for the last couple of days. What's the problem??? Very annoying. 

Same for me.

spotify ’artist radio’ not working through Sonos system but ok direct through spotify.

awaiting a response from sonos customer care.

Same exact issue here for last few days. No Spotify artist radio through Sonos app, but works just fine if streaming from Spotify app to Sonos.

Same problem here, please fix. 


Now working for me… Until we met again, perhaps? LOL!

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Today it suddenly started working again after being broken for a few days. Hopefully it is fixed now, I have not done anything on my side that I know of that should make it work.

Indeed - one hour after I reported the issue.

Good job Sonos! 

Much as I would love to give any credit to Sonos, it’s much more likely that the fix came from Spotify, since the data stream does not pass through Sonos until the point it hits your speakers to play, and there has been no software update for the controller/speakers.