Spotify playlists no longer in order

  • 21 March 2024
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Hello. At some point this morning some kind of update has changed the way my Spotify playlists display within the Sonos app. I arrange my Spotify playlists in alphabetical using the Custom Order function, so they can reflect a large CD collection. Sonos used to mirror that, but now seems to be displaying them - I think - in the order they were last played, which is useless to me and makes the list unnavigable. Could this bug be fixed asap or a workaround suggested? I prefer to just control everything through the Sonos app rather than the Spotify app. Thank you


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2 replies

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Sonos never sort third party content, such as playlists. If you want that sorted, you need to ask Spotify. It sounds like they have a sort function, but they are not taking that into account when delivering the playlist to Sonos.

I too was annoyed this has been changed and hoping for a better answer. But I fear we need to look at Spotify for this.

See also this request to return the folders from Spotify in their API, which I’m sure also influences order