Spotify playback skipping since S2 upgrade

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Can anybody support help me with Spotify playback issues? Since the S2 update it has generally been ok, but today I’m experience tracks randomly skipping shortly after playback, and some skip completely and never attempt to play. Playback initiated via the Sonos S2 app. 

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I am having major issues with Spotify skipping since the upgrade to S2. It will play a complete song but then skip several songs down the queue rather than playing the next song in sequence. This is an unacceptable issue after being a loyal Sonos/Spotify user for 10 years.

It’s not just Spotify. Ever since the S2 update playing form a network share also skips. Sometimes it nearly plays the whole song but mostly gets 30 seconds in and skips to the next track on the playlist. 
Never had this on original software. 
I have excellent WiFi coverage. 

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I too am experiencing tracks within a playlist suddenly and randomly stopping mid-list and jumping to another track with no input from me or anyone else on my Sonos system.

I’m using a Beam, one Play:3, one Sonos One (Gen 1), and four (two stereo pairs) Play:1 streaming via Spotify and controlled with S2 iPhone and Mac apps in a small apartment with excellent Wi-Fi.

I spent all day reducing network interference as suggested by Sonos. Tried different router channels. Uninstalled and re-installed everything. Rebooted router and speakers. The skipping problem is still occurring. This is not an occasional problem. I can’t reliable depend on 4 songs playing in a row without the second or third song being skipped. This was not happening before the change to S2.

Occasionally (but not consistently before every skip) I’ll get a “next song not encoded properly” message before a song is skipped. But when I go back to manually play the skipped track, it plus just fine. So it’s not encoded wrong.

This is frustrating. I invested a lot of money and time into Sonos as a seamless play solution and it is currently behaving worse than what I replaced many years ago.


Have you reset your local network for the Sonos devices by unplugging them all, then rebooting your router? Once the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices.

What you’re experiencing sure seems like a duplicate IP address issue. 

Thanks, Bruce. Yep, we did. My wife, an IT professional, suggested it might be that. Wouldn’t that affect all my services too? This seems localized to just Spotify, so far.

I’d think it would be all services, not just Spotify, but Spotify’s service has been having issues, imho, for at least three weeks. And it’s in the Spotify server side, not the Sonos side, so there isn’t much the Sonos folks can do about it, except pass on the complaints, which Spotify appears to be ignoring, currently. 


I am a dealer for sonos and do quite a few setups to say the least every year.  


Since s2 my phone has blown up with irate client after client…


At my own randomly goes unresponsive, randomly freezes during a track...randomly skips every 2nd or 3rd track...and lastly just stops playing altogether.


My network topography is far beyond average...its simple and straightforward...with all high end devices.


My skipping and disappearance of zones is even happening on a hard wired connect.



Your only saving grace is you have the market cornered.  Fix this before my clients fix me by going with someone else due to your product software






Pretty straight forward indication of a local network issue, and particularly around times of a software update, a duplicate IP address issue, unless you’re setting up assigned IP addresses for them at install. 

Fairly easy solution for a duplicate IP address concern, without you having to visit each installation, is to have them unplug all Sonos devices from power. Once that is done, they should reboot their router. When the router comes back up, have them plug back in the Sonos devices.

In your future installs, I’d recommend reserving IP addresses in the router for all Sonos. It would avoid recurrence of this issue, and I’ve never been able to identify which routers are susceptible to this, and which aren’t. Better safe than sorry, especially to keep your phone from blowing up. 

Slightly different case but I was getting skipping on an internal library share. Might not work for everyone but I changed 2 things and streaming has been stable for 2 days now [my setup is 5xPlay1 and a 1xConnect]

  1. Updated the Desktop App on my server housing my music share to S2.
  2. Found a Play1 that had not updated yet and applied S2 firmware.

I have DHCP reservations (as AIRGETLAM suggests) and FW rules to allow outbound tcp:5901/8057/8132 [for TuneInRadio]. If you use dynamic addresses for Sonos a router reboot (and network switch reboot if you have any) will clear any tables/caches and can only help.

Great community and advice on here by the way. Kudos to you all!