Spotify "Likes" playlist - 701 Error

  • 21 February 2023
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I am able to play songs through spotify on my sonos that are in playlists or if i search. If I try and play songs from my library in the ‘songs’ folder they will not play. I receive a (701) error. I have tried rebooting router, rebooting my sonos beam, removing spotify service and adding back to sonos app. The problem still remains. This issue did not always exist. Any help would be appreciated, thank you


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Hi @mittyryerye, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Error 701 means the system is unable to add the track to the queue to play. This is usually caused by network communication problems.

I’d usually recommend powering off your router and Sonos products for 30 seconds for a reboot, but seeing as you’ve already rebooted them and re-added the Spotify service, then this likely indicates a different issue which could be wireless interference.

Just to check, are the songs in your library you are trying to play on Spotify or are they local files on your computer? If they are on Spotify, then you’ll want to look into reducing wireless interference around your Sonos products as this could help prevent error 701 from occurring.

If you’re still receiving the error, then please submit a diagnostics and reach out to our support team for further assistance, as they have the tools available to troubleshoot this issue with you.

I hope this helps!

The infamous sonos 701 scam is because the sonos developers are too lazy to update the Spotify like songs count. ANYONE READING THIS WILL UNDERSTAND THAT ITS NOT YOUR ROUTER, its not your frequency these are all tactics by sonos and paid undercover people to say otherwise. sonsos is a scam and will not pay spotify to increase the limit yet they still charge full price. im starting a class action lawsuit 

if you have like songs on spotify over 300 songs they will not play. NOTHING TO DO WIth your router. you have a better chance of getting the error fixed by standing upside down and and tapping on your feet at the same time. dont believe their lies. 

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You are having trouble playing all of them right, not individual songs?

Time how long the 701 error takes to appear after you try and Play those songs. If it is 10 seconds, then you have too many for the system to load - there is a 10 second timeout on the Spotify portal and in the Sonos app.

That sounds like a problem for Sonos.  Not a customer who paid 8k on a sound system and can’t even use the native Sonos app. I’m starting a Class action suit I already gathered tons of evidence of all Sonos employees blaming the wifi interference. There is no disclaimer at all listed anywhere that if you have a certain amount of songs Spotify is deemed unusable. Sonos will pay for this I promise you. 

There are already thousands and thousands of customers all over Reddit having the issues. Sonos is sitting there laughing sending them in wild goose chases brainwashing them about interference. 

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Hi @mittyryerye et al,

We’ve been made aware of an issue that occurs when trying to add the “liked” playlist to the queue, giving the 701 error, the app should show this message specifically: "An error occurred while adding tracks to the Queue (701)".

This issue occurs when the “liked” playlist being added is over 700 tracks, so if you have less tracks or don’t receive the above error message, you’re likely experiencing a different issue like wireless interference. We’re currently investigating the issue however we can’t provide an ETA on when this will be resolved.

If you’re experiencing this error with the “liked” playlist, then please use one of the following workarounds for the time-being:

  1. Initiate music playback via Spotify Direct Control.
  2. Add to the queue and Initiate music playback using different Playlists.
  3. Utilize Streaming AirPlay audio to Sonos.
  4. Reduce the number of "Liked" playlists/tracks.

If you are receiving error 701 but have less tracks in the “liked” playlist, then I would still recommend following the support article for Reducing wireless interference or the Unable to add tracks to the queue article. It would also be worth reaching out to our support team if you’ve followed the steps in the articles above and are still having this issue.

I hope this information helps!