Spotify just stop playing

  • 10 January 2023
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Yesterday my Spotify just stoped working on my Sonos system.

Im having a AMP (black one) and its been working since I set it up.
Sonos app is playing the “Sonos playlists” but when I play start play from spotify
there is no sound. I have tried restarted the network, amp etc but nothing helped.

Using a TP Link Deco X60

Is there anyone else having this issue?


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Hi @Pakselvo 

Thanks for your post!

To clarify, you are able to play Spotify via the Sonos app with no issue, but when you try to initiate playback on Sonos from within the Spotify app, the app indicates that it’s playing, but you hear no audio from the Amp? Is that correct?

If so, I recommend ensuring that both Spotify and Sonos are up-to-date, and to try rebooting the phone/tablet, if you haven’t already.

I hope this helps.