Spotify Dropping out, Other Music Services OK

I have created a diagnostic report, 122658598, within about 5 minutes of the spotify service dropping.

It only drops for a brief moment, skips a song, and then it’s fine again for another half hour or so.

Appreciate any help you can offer!




Edit: I rebooted my router and changed the channel to 6. I will create another diagnostic if spotify drops out again.

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I have had the same problems with playing spotify through the sonos app for the last month. No problems if I use the spotify app and connect to sonos .I had a web chat with a sonos guy Martin W on 1 June (ref number 01849444). Early resolution would be appreciated.

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I have been having the same problem and I have found a workaround (sort of). 

Living in the UK I can access Spotify via Sky Q, if I connect via SkyQ and play through my new Arc (brilliant by the way) then use my Sonos app to play "everywhere" problem solved, no issues at all.

I'm not technical in any way but does this prove there is a problem between Sonos and Spotify? Certainly not getting any problems when using the TV app. 

@Adam S OKay. So, I wrote on this forum before. I am the fitness instructor at a gym with Sonos and everyone’s Spotify playlist is skipping songs. The owner looked at our playlists while they are playing and this messages comes up “could not play “name of song and artist” - the song is not encoded properly. 


So, again, everyone who uses Apple Music or another player at the gym has no problem.  Only Spotify users playing their playlists through the Sonos app are experiencing these major skips.


Please help!!!!

Hi @evpenny.

Because it sounds like what you need is full troubleshooting while on site, I would recommend to give us a call when you are able to, so a live agent can proceed through troubleshooting steps to make sure these skips are not a product of another issue. Skipping audio can have a multitude of origins and in a business environment, this can be more prominent.

hi @Adam S and @evpenny 

bow is what you previously wrote about this problem many of us are experiencing.  It seems pretty clear this is a system issue and will not be fixed with individual trouble shooting.  Can you please provide an update?  Thx 

Thanks for the reply.

Although I cannot release an official statement regarding a current issue with Spotify, I have seen multiple threads regarding similar issues. This may be a result of a system communication issue. I would be happy to provide an update once it becomes available to me.

Regarding the Bridge, it is generally not recommended to have a full Sonos system operated by a Bridge at this point. The low communication signal that I see on the diagnostic may be a result of keeping the Bridge in the router. This can lead to audio interruptions and buffering problems as well.

@Adam S


hi I also have been tweeting with sonos about this who for the past week has said Spotify and sonos engineers are working in this.  No update though.  Here is a copy of communication.

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@Adam S Message from Thursday.  Just to manage our expectations can you get us a good update as to what is going on.  Getting a little frustrating as I am sure you can understand.  Thx 


Hello again. Both teams are still working on a resolution to this issue. Once we have more information to share, we will send out an update. For the time being, please continue to use the Spotify app to initiate playback on Sonos.


Coming back to say that whilst I thought my issue was corrected, it’s popped up again and I’m still having intermittent dropouts. I’ve been back and forth with support to no avail, tired a wireless setup but that skipped a few times as well. I have to think this is a wider issue since so many are having the same issues as I am. I just recently started using Spotify and I really like it, but if it keeps up I sadly won’t be able to continue as it’s more than frustrating. 

Sonos, please help - we know you can do it! 

yeah I hope this gets fixed soon.  Started about a month ago for me and now it’s getting worse.  I can’t even listen to spotify on sonos anymore and it was about 95% of what I use Sonos for.  Beyond frustrating!


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@Adam S Not sure if you can comment on this, but I believe the issue has been fixed.  

With no changes to my network or anything else in my control (besides normal software updates), Spotify playback initiated from within in Sonos app now appears to be back to normal.

I’m curious to hear if others on this thread have a similar experience, but I think from my perspective this issue is closed as resolved… 

Note I am now fully S2 in the event others are still having problems with S1.


Can confirm that for the past week I’ve had close to zero issues, maybe a slow startup here and there on initial play, but otherwise no issues. I was having constant dropouts with both the Sonos and Spotify apps, but I actually kept notes the last week and I have no complaints. So thanks for whatever was fixed! 

seems to have gone away for me as well! Still on S1

My problems have also currently gone away. It would be nice if Sonos could positively confirm the action they have  taken to confirm closure. 

Sonos could also usefully review their customer service operation…...this all could have been handled a lot better.