Spotify Dropping out, Other Music Services OK

I have created a diagnostic report, 122658598, within about 5 minutes of the spotify service dropping.

It only drops for a brief moment, skips a song, and then it’s fine again for another half hour or so.

Appreciate any help you can offer!




Edit: I rebooted my router and changed the channel to 6. I will create another diagnostic if spotify drops out again.

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1453817360, just captured another one within a minute of it happening.

1667181662 This time captured after following the instructions to reboot router and try a different channel… What gives Sonos, spotify is my main music service and it drops out constantly.

Are you running the Sonos devices on your WiFi? If so, have you perhaps considered trying to run them on *SonosNet instead? Also have you checked for local *WiFi Interference?


See links in the text above 

Are you running the Sonos devices on your WiFi? If so, have you perhaps considered trying to run them on *SonosNet instead? Also have you checked for local *WiFi Interference?


See links in the text above 

Are you talking about a boost? I would rather not buy another product… I have only a Sonos One SL and a small townhouse. Yeah, I checked for interference. Waiting for someone who can access the diagnostics, thanks.

Other devices in the same room with no WiFi problems… work laptop, PC, phone.

Plus other services are working without interruption.

Hi Chris, Thank you for bringing your question to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. I was able to look at your diagnostic reports and as Ken_Griffiths points out you want to address what you can for wifi interference for things you can control in your environment. Mostly with physical environment that you can adjust as we can see that you are on wifi channel 6 with your router and that looks to be the best channel to use. Also, we would need your network topology with the model names and numbers of the products that are wired or wirelessly connected on your network for any modem, router(s), extenders, access points or switches (managed or unmanaged). This information could point out something adding to your wifi interference if it not anything specific to your physical environment.

I do not want to say it is the router or your ISP services performance but we are seeing issues for Sonos to communicate on the network when attempting to stream. This underflow can lead to drops, skips and stopping of your music service also some services have different tolerances to network performance/interference. As Ken_Griffiths also mentioned and you had asked, I would have you try Sonosnet with just Ethernet wiring your product to your router for testing playback for 30 minutes to an hour. I would do this test after once more doing a full network and Sonos product power re-boot off/on for 30 seconds with no lights on the products. We can then have you follow up with the testing results along with a new diagnostic report here. I would also ask that when you are noticing this issue happening with Spotify that from your computer to please run a speed test from and let us know your up and down speeds are in mbps. We would like to see that you are getting better than 20 mbps up and down when you are having the issue.

We could then better determine if this is a question for your ISP or that you may benefit from Sonosnet with a Boost if you cannot keep your Sonos product Ethernet wired to the router.

@John G I tried to remove/edit old comments, but @Ken_Griffiths was spot on. I moved my router and I have had no further issues! Thanks to you both for the help.

Hi Chris, Thank you for the follow up and letting us know that you are working again with Spotify. Please do not hesitate to reach out us here in the Sonos Community with future questions or troubleshooting needs.

Spotify was working then it stopped after a couple of songs played. Other music services continue to work. Spotify continues to work independently of Sonos, meaning, not going through Sonos. Is there a problem with Spotify and Sonos?  Please help with this problem. 
contact me at t*******

Same issue as tin10921 being experienced.   Only connecting to Spotify an issue. 

Similar issue as tim10921 and rgillis. Nothing changed on my network, phone, speakers, power outage or what so ever. All of a sudden, Spotify stops playing through Sonos App. It works fine through airplay from Spotify app. Other music service work fine through Sonos App. So I believe it’s a Spotify - Sonos App problem. Please help.

Same issue here. Spotify is not working through the Sonos app. Started yesterday. Spotify plays fine on it’s own, I’ve reset all the network stuff, I’ve reactivated Spotify in the Sonos app, and so on. Has anyone figured out what is causing this? Thanks. 

I’m having the same issue. All other services working fine including line-in. However the Spotify connection gets lost anytime I try to play from the Sonos or Spotify app.

There is currently a Spotify problem that is being worked on:

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Outage should be resolved now!

After months of working fine I’m having similar issues with Spotify and Sonos.

Spotify works fine on it’s own, playing on my phone or chromebook, but trying to get it to play through any of my Sonos speakers is a random mess of dropping out after a couple of songs or only working (briefly) when 2 rooms are grouped or most likely complete failure. This morning trying to get Spotify to play, Sonos radio randomly came on in the next room!

Sonos radio, Amazon music & streaming from my NAS all work faultlessly.

I’ve tried everything suggested elsewhere but no joy.

My setup: Beam, 2x play:1 in stereo pair & a single play:1 - router is a Netgear Orbi and ISP is BT

@Malcatron Thank you for bringing your concerns to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. There was a previous Spotify outage that has recently be resolved as per our status page. What you are describing sounds more like wifi interference with having a Netgear Orbi router along with ISP equipment from BT. Please update us with your network topology with the model names and numbers of the products that are wired or wirelessly connected on your network for any modem, router(s), extenders, access points or switches (managed or unmanaged).

After you have gathered that information then please submit us a diagnostic report number and hold on to that number. Once you have that completed then please power re-boot off your wifi equipment for 30 seconds with no lights on it, meaning no battery backup, then power it back up. While this equipment is powering back on then power re-boot off your Sonos units for the same time with no lights and plug them back in to power, no button pressing is needed. When everything is re-booted and you can connect back into the app then test the music playback for 30 minutes and confirm the results back to us. We will also need to see a second diagnostic report number in your reply to us here.

@John G 

Hi John, thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve done as you asked, with an extra diagnostic before reboot: one for playing from Spotify App and another playing Spotify via the Sonos app. Throughout all this Spotify itself was working fine on the source device (Pixel phone)


Diagnostic 1: 874442525 (after total failure to play to Beam from Spotify App)

Diagnostic 2: 2071772842 (after playing Spotify to Beam via Sonos App - failed after 1 song, then couldn’t connect again - showing error “the connection to Spotify was lost”)


Diagnostic after reboot: 1253238172

Since reboot its totally failed to play anything on any Sonos device from Spotify via Sonos or Spotify App. Sonos Radio works fine though.


Network devices:

BT Modem - Huawei EchoLife HG612

Netgear Orbi router RBR40

2 x Orbi satellites RBW30

2 x TP-Link Ethernet Home Plugs - TLPA411

EE Nokia Siemens UMTS Femtocell Access Point - FAPr-hsp 5000


Hope you can find out what the issue is.





@Malcatron Thank you for the follow up information and the diagnostic report numbers. As previously mentioned this likely due to your network and configuration with using a BT combo modem/router with your Netgear Orbi router and the TP-Link POE. the POE devices are not recommend to use with Sonos as they have no internal clock to control the traffic. We are seeing interference to your room names Kitchen and the rears in your surrounds. You would want to address any way you can eliminate or reduce wifi interference in your home environment and wifi network.

I would also ask as another test to temporarily Ethernet wire your Kitchen unit into the main Orbi router and re-boot your other Sonos products off/on for 15 seconds. This will allow Sonos to use Sonosnet from the Orbi router. Next, just testing your music services for about 30 minutes and reply back with the testing results and one more diagnostic report number when playing. Part of what we are seeing is underflow issues for Sonos trying to talk/stream on the network wirelessly. I would not say that it is the BT Router or Orbi but just how we are allowed to communicate on the wifi connection.

If you are not having the issues when wired to the network and you cannot keep your Kitchen unit wired to the main Orbi you would want to look into setting up our Sonos Boost or looking into the IKEA products like the bookshelf unit. Just like the Boost, which is not a speaker, you can wire the bookshelf product to the router for Sonosnet and use it as a speaker. I believe our Boost and the bookshelf are about the same in cost.

@John G 

Hi John, I’d already done everything I could to try and minimise any interference, it’s strange that this has just started to be a problem recently after months of working fine. Nothing has changed in my setup since I bought a new TV about a year ago and there’s been no physical changes around the house.

I couldn’t wire up the kitchen speaker, but I have managed to get an ethernet cable to the Beam, this seems to allow all my Sonos devices to work. I’ve now been playing Spotify for over 30 mins and grouping/ungrouping the speakers etc without issue. Here’s the latest diagnostic: 798557449

Is Spotify particularly fussy about WiFi quality? Everything else I play through Sonos has no problems.

@Malcatron Thank you for the follow up information and the diagnostic report. This will come down to what you can adjust or control in your environment for reducing wifi interference. Knowing that you are working better with Sonosnet you could keep your Beam as the wired product to your Netgear Orbi or look at the previously mentioned Sonos Boost or IKEA Bookshelf products as the one wired to the router. You have the option of Airplay with your Beam already when using an iOS device so if you could not use a speaker where the router is I would go with the Boost.

@John G I’ll see how it goes with the Beam wired up to the Orbi, if it carries on working that would be the best (cheapest!) solution. Although I’d love to figure out why all of a sudden I have interference issues after many months of trouble free listening.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

There are a lot of potential issues caused from outside your network. New electronic devices in your home, neighbors, new or otherwise, with a new router, or new choice of channels on their current router. It’s unfortunate, but Wi-Fi networks do not exist in isolation. 

@Airgetlam I understand that, I was just saying I’d like to know what it is that has changed, as nothing within my own home has changed (aside from software/firmware updates). No new devices have been introduced and nothing has physically moved. 

As I said, it all seems to work now that one of my Sonos devices is wired, so it was purely curiosity on my part to understand why the issue occurred. Also the fact that the problem is isolated to just Spotify clearly indicates that there is something intolerant with its connectivity.

I’m guessing that it’s hard to pinpoint outside interference in the reports that you submit to Sonos, having never seen the contents of one. I suspect the system can say “hey, there’s interference coming in on channel 11”, but as to what causes that interference, unless it’s something potentially already in your network, like a printer, etc, it’s really hard to tell. 

I’m glad that moving to SonosNet has helped you. I’ve found it the best way to keep all of my Sonos traffic off of my own wifi signal, although it’s still occasionally subject to interference too, since it’s also a radio signal. I had new neighbors move in that caused me to switch my SonosNet channel, but I was able to keep my wifi channel the same. 

I have the same issue with Spotify skipping to next song, was fine for 2 years, just started about a month ago. Diagnostic number 1657836356 have rebooted router with no difference.