Special characters in filename suddenly don't play on some players

  • 25 July 2021
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Hi all,


I have a system made up of several PLAY:3s, PLAY1s and One SLs, connected to a NAS.

Some of the songs/albums on it have special characters (like é, á, etc) that have started not to play (Unable to play “...”  the file …. cannot be found). It seems to be the PLAY:1s that are not able to find these, although the certainly did in the past. Some of these have also reverted to a filename in Sonos Playlists.

I assume it’s been an update triggering this, but would like to know if others suffer and how to resolve it. I really want to avoid renaming them due to the sheer number of songs/albums with special characters.


Thanks, Eelke


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5 replies

Over the past few days there have been other similar reports. Which NAS? Is it possible that your NAS is balking at the file names? Was there a NAS update? Can you find your ‘missing’ tracks in the Folders section of your SONOS controller’s library? Are the missing tracks shown in your NAS folders?

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This is a known issue with the One SL. It has a different SMB stack than all other devices, and has this bug. The  suggested work-around is to power off the One SL then re-index your music. disable auto-indexing that power it back up.

Thanks controlav, that’s obviously a real pain. There are several of them and to go through that routine every time I add to my library is not something I look forward to.


Hi buzz, just to answer you; the NAS is a Netgear and no update has been performed in this period. All files are there and visible from Windows as well as Linux without any issue.

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I ended up using a tag editor to remove all the unacceptable characters from my library music.

Silly solution but it worked.

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to let you all know that this issue has been resolved in the latest S2 update (13.3).


Please update your players and let us know if you continue experiencing this issue by contacting our customer care team via phone or live chat.