speakers keep disappearing and coming back

  • 11 September 2023
  • 30 replies

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30 replies

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I recently switched internet providers from Astounde to T Mobile. The problems predate the switch.  I tried my iPad ear and all the speakers were there. But they all show on the phone sometimes.  Most of the rest of your stuff I don’t understand. 

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I discovered today that the wireless charger I bought from Sonos stopped charging.  Using the wired charger fixed the problem.  Do not waste money on the wireless charger. 

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Today I had all the speakers showing in the app. Later only the roams.  At some point listening to the roams my iPhone lost control of the speakers and I couldn’t pause or control the volume. Right now the app only shows the roams. I think sonos has problems. Fix it or I’ll need a refund.  

I’m having the same problem. i”ve been using Sonos for many years and never had a problem. Now, almost daily I’ll lose entire “rooms”. As with the John, they just seemto come and go. I haven’t changed anything with my wifi setup.

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Hi @johnrf4321, welcome to the Sonos Community!

So I and the community can better help you, can you describe your home network for us? Such as; the make and model of your router, if you have any additional access points or networking equipment, and if your network meets our system requirements.

Commonly when speakers are missing from the app, it means the device the Sonos app is installed on isn’t able to see the speakers on your network. This can be caused by having multiple access points or some router settings, so knowing how your network works will allow up to provide the best information to resolve this issue.

A step you can perform if you’ve provided your network information and are waiting to hear back from us, would be to use another device with the Sonos app installed to see if you can find your speakers with that.

I hope this helps!