Sonos unable to play silent tracks from Spotify

  • 20 November 2023
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Hey guys,


I produce playlists on Spotify for the use in Psychedelic Therapy and meditation groups, and the addition of silent tracks at certain times can really make the music around it more powerful, and allow the listeners to process. I have found silent tracks on Spotify, from various artists, with different lengths, and have added them to my playlists.


The problem begins when I play the playlist through my era 100’s, the app is unable to play any of the silent tracks and just skips them. Why do you think this is and is there a solution?  I have 2 pairs of Era 100’s in the room, and the setup always works perfectly… except when it is tasked with playing a silent track. 




Thanks, Mike

4 replies

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Maybe if you told us what tracks won’t play someone could try playing them on their gear.

Other than that, try playing a couple, submit a diagnostic and call Sonos support with the number it provides.

What type of Playlist are you using? Is it a Spotify Playlist or a SONOS playlist?

Can you directly play these silent tracks? (Not stored in a playlist)


Thanks for your replies, the songs are part of a Spotify playlist and played through the Sonos app. Here are a few of them, though from the research I’ve done, at any silent track the sonos app brings up the message “cannot play selected track” and skips to the next song with sound. 


Buzz, I’m afraid you lose me a bit, my knowledge of the intricacies of how Sonos playlists work is beyond me, I created the playlist in Spotify, shared it with my contacts, they have connected their Spotify through their sonos app, and then played said playlist. I don’t think it is a Sonos playlist, and unfortunately I am not sure what the difference is. Maybe this is something worth exploring more.

I just thought it was incredibly odd when it always works perfectly for any other song except for silent ones! 

Appreciate your thoughts

Spotify playlists are stored on the Spotify server and can be easily shared between Spotify users. SONOS Playlists are stored on the SONOS players and cannot be easily shared with remote users.