Sonos unable to index large numbers of songs

  • 20 January 2023
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For some reason still unknown, the day after I disabled SMB1 on my Sonos (S2) library, I was unable to access it from any device. The typical suggestion is to just delete the library, then add it again, so I tried to do that.

FYI, my library is on a Windows Server 2019 machine - this is not a NAS or USB connected to a router.

I have a large library - around 100GB, and Sonos was unable to index it, telling me that the server share was “no longer available”. If I instead populate my library with a TINY number of artist folders, it will index with no problems. Sometimes after croaking on too large an update, it works the second or third try. I’ve seen this problem in the forum before.

What is the bug with Sonos indexing large libraries/folders?!??  


1 reply

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There are multiple size limitations, number of tracks and size of meta-data among them.

A quick try, power down all Sonos and your NAS, reboot the router and power back up NAS and Sonos. Sometimes a quick kick in the networking clears up glitches.

Rather than further guessing, run the index and when it fails submit a diagnostic and call Sonos support as they can see the data that is hidden from us users.