sonos system not recognised!

  • 23 January 2023
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For the last month I have being having issues with my system dropping out!

Not recognising system

network not found

errors 1001/1002

un able to pair or unpair

mobile app not working to operate ststem

 random music coming on in the middle of night

unable to switch off 

all apps n the last 4 weeks- system perfect for years.

had to reset Sonos amp to factory settings plug into router to recognise

system shows up on app- but smo keeps dropping

i use a boost to my router- 5 years use no issues

call Sonos Tech in the Phillipines- absolutely zero use- insists it is my router which is a Optus supplied  sagemcom gateway fastener 5566TN

they state this router will not work with Sonos ( it has been for the last 5 years trouble free???)

sonos won’t tell me which router I need to get- I have used Sonos since 2007 and these last few weeks has made me wonder what the F@&k has happened with them- you used to get help technically in the day - now it’s a call centre- zero help!

can someone please advise- internet speeds of 40-50Mpbs uploads of 8-10





16 replies

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Just to confirm Boost not Bridge?

Any neighbors that have changed their WiFi or have you introduced any new electronics, even gear that doesn’t have a radio?


There are many options and things you can look at, don’t give up hope.


Running a boost from the modem!

itroduced a NAS Drive about 6 weeks ago!

makes no difference when NAS is unplugged!


No idea about the neighbours- no new electrical gear 

I recommend that you refrain from a SONOS Factory Reset without further consult. As you have discovered, Factory Reset will not solve fundamental issues, but on occasion it might accidentally, temporarily work through something.

This is a network issue and we cannot rule out hardware failure. 

I’m not familiar with your router and cannot comment about it’s viability with SONOS. It is possible that your router was updated and no longer works With SONOS. You may or may not have control over router updates. According to the note, you are correctly using the router by wiring a BOOST.

As a test, power down BOOST and wire AMP.

A proper network reset:

Power down everything (or enable airplane mode) on the network and restart in the following order:
Network switches, if any
Wireless SONOS, if any
NAS, if any
Other wired network clients
Everything else

Allow each step to complete before moving to the next step

At this point I recommend that you “Reserve” IP addresses. The router manual was useless for this. Possibly if you go to the DHCP menu in the router you will be given an opportunity to reserve addresses. Reserve addresses for all regular network clients, particularly the SONOS units.

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Running a boost from the modem!

itroduced a NAS Drive about 6 weeks ago!

makes no difference when NAS is unplugged!

Your boost is connected to the modem and not router? 


I’ve done all this unplugged- all from scratch!- everything except the amp is functioning!

I have all these issues with the amp- I cannot pair this device or use the controller on this zone 

done everything possible - spent 4 hours with Sonos techs unplugging Resetting- all my other devices work (mostly) the one giving issues is the amp which is hardwired to speakers outside! Functions fine Ethernet to the router- doesn’t work as it did 4 weeks ago- when wireless connected.

I wouldn’t have a clue how reserve up addresses


Boost is connected to the modem all correct- has been connected this way for years- minimum issues- only in the last weeks has this happened 

Only the router should be wired to the modem. The SONOS system will not function if part of it is wired to the modem.


The modem is the router- it’s dual- the Sonos boost is wired correctly- as I have said it has been working perfectly for the past 5 years !

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The modem is the router- it’s dual- the Sonos boost is wired correctly- as I have said it has been working perfectly for the past 5 years !

If you would have said the modem and router is a combined one would have questioned about it. 


Sorry- as you can see I have absolutely no idea about modems routers etc???

anyway got the system working intermittently- I’ve switched Sonos net channels from 6 to 11- Sonos tech were absolutely zero help- I’ll see if it stabilises on a different Sonos net channel


Further to the last line be reserved up addresses for the boost , the amp and a play 5!

I’ve left the play bar, sub and port as I have had no issues with them yet! If I do I’ll reserve the up addresses! So let’s see how it goes ! Thanks for the assistance! If it drops out again I’ll take it as a network problem and change my internet provider! Is there any recommendations as for a dual modem /router which works best with Sonos!

A “modem” connects to the cable in the street and can only connect a single device to the Internet. In a modern context this is not very useful. A “router” allows multiple devices on a “local network” to share this single connection to the Internet. A “wireless access point” allows one or more WiFi devices to connect to the local network. A “Gateway” incorporates modem, router, and an access point in a single box.

Inside the router is a function similar to the reception desk in a building. Each client entering the building stops at the desk and is given a unique number (“IP Address”). This is their identification to other local network clients. The default management of these IP addresses is not as robust as it could be. You can think of it as keeping the assignments in a little business card box on the desk. If someone spills coffee into the box (the router loses power) the box is simply emptied and numbers start over. Unfortunately, there is no general notice sent out, notifying clients to return to the desk to be assigned a new number. You can imagine the chaos — “where’s my order”, “I didn’t order that”, “Tom isn’t answering”, … . Plus, there could duplicates as clients continue to use their obsolete address. “Reserving” an IP address gives that client a VIP status and the client will always be given the same address. This does not protect the network from the relatively rare case that someone sneaks into the building through a back door and assumes an IP address.


Learning every day 👍

maybe I will reserve the other IP addresses! Thanks for the assistance!

No “maybe”. Do it!


Done 👍