Sonos software is riddled with faults

  • 3 January 2021
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So many questions, so few answers:


I have 2 Play 1s and two Play 5s. The latest software update has left the S1 software unable to see the Play 1s and the S2 software unable to see the Play 5s and me unable to rewind to the state I was in before


The S1 software cannot ‘see’ my computer and so I cannot connect with my computer based music library


The S1 software can no longer see’ my YouTube Music library


 I have just about had it with Sonos. I am ready to trash the lot. I need HELP. I have many opinions but . I need HELP from Sonos. A human being. A voice. Someone who is going to fix the mess that they have created. How do I contact these people ?

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1 reply

Hi.  The contact number for Sonos is given on the main Sonos Support page of the website.

I understand your frustration but the Sonos software isn’t riddled with faults.  It does sound like your system has got into a bit of a tangle though.

What generation are the Play:5s?

Why have you got S1 and S2 setups? What is the state it was in before that you are trying to get back to?.