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  • 15 May 2020
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To be honest, despite my initial expectations, I’m pleasantly surprised by the programming on Sonos Radio. In many ways, this is a unique offering -- no small feat in the crowded streaming media world.

The commercial breaks, though short, are frustrating. I’d be willing to pay for a commercial-free stream of Sonos Radio. Is that available or a potential offering for the future? 


-- Robert


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7 replies

It isn’t available for a fee, though some stations are already commercial free.  Sonos hasn’t shared any future plans..  I would guess they’ll wait and see how popular the service gets before making changes like that.


That makes sense, @melvimbe, sure. I just want to register my interest in such an option with the powers that be. 

Surely there’s a cost associated with such streams, server, music rights, etc. How would you have Sonos cover those costs? 


> How would you have Sonos cover those costs? 

By offering us a paid, commercial-free option, @Airgetlam. As I said initially, “I’d be willing to pay for a commercial-free stream of Sonos Radio.” It would be no different than paying for Spotify, Sirius/XM or the other services already available. 

-- Robert

It would require a substantial addition of process to the way Sonos currently conducts business, but I’m on board. 

I would love to figure out a way to stop the annoying Capital Account/Geico commercials. We listen to local radio at our office for news & traffic. The station will be right in the middle of traffic and Jennifer Gardner interrupts for the 100th time to talk about Capital account credit card. I have tried the local station thru Sonos and iHeart thru Sonos only to be annoyed with the same commercials. I have contacted our local station & they do not play those commercials. Please help

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Hey @RDR & @Mary Beth,


Just wanted to update this thread to let you know that Sonos Radio HD allows for commercial-free streaming as well as a host of other benefits.


Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: