Sonos Not Recognizing Music Folder

  • 1 June 2023
  • 4 replies

I installed the S1 Controller on my PC and app on my phone. I’ve set up my Play 5’s but cannot get the controller to recognize the music folder on the PC. I keep getting a reoccurring message that the “Home-PC” cannot be found. That was the name of a previous PC but not the current one. Any suggestions on how to get the controller to recognize the new PC? Thank you in advance for any information provided.

Where the music files are located

Error message received

4 replies

Go back through the setup in this FAQ, using the ‘new’ location. 


  I tried that process previously to no avail.


Hmmm. And you deleted the old library location while in that interface?

What did you use to rip this music? How did it get moved from its old location to the new location?

Have you contacted Sonos Support to discuss it, yet?

Yes, the old library location was deleted. The music was moved from the old PC to the new one via a USB drive. Additional music has been downloaded from online sources and stored in the same location. The music has been on the current (“new”) PC for a considerable period of time and accessed via Windows Media Player without issue. I just decided to dust off my Sonos system and set it up. 

I have not contacted Support yet, thought I would ask here first. Thanks for your help.