Sonos Music Library won't update

  • 5 January 2022
  • 26 replies


This just started happening to me, my Sonos won’t update my music library. If i delete my music folder and re-add it will be have everything in there that should be, but if i add more music (mp3s, which i do almost daily) and have it update, none of the additions show up. 

my music’s on a macbook running big sur 11.6

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26 replies

again this is a new problem. up until this week in i could drop new album folders into my Music folder -- whether or not i added them to apple music (fka itunes) -- , click “update music library” in sonos and they would appear once it finished running the update. now the only way to get them to show up is to delete my music folder from my sonos library then re-add. which works but it just takes forever. i guess i was just hoping this was a new bug that other people were experiencing. i’ll call sonos support and see what they say.

Hello! Did restarting your router help you?